Hello Everybody!

Welcome back to the CSC Blog, It has been fantastic hearing from you. Thanks for tuning in and bringing your energy as we build our online platforms.  Every level of participation is appreciated; together we hold the vision, and create the spaces for real change!

Over the last few months, we have also been engaging live with our local and national communities, and because of the unique nature of our work, the question inevitably arises… “What is Creative Strategies for Change?”

Check out this presentation, which starts to answer that question. CSC blog host and Director K. Salim Ajanku sheds some light on the basics, and speaks with fellow Director Rachael Sharp about the beginnings of this grassroots organization. Peruse the website to learn more about our team, and the CSC 3, and don’t skip the resources page, where you can find links to some of CSC’s sources for education and inspiration. You can stay connected to the CSC movement by joining our mailing list and liking us on facebook… get involved as we organize and mobilize arts and education for social justice!




  1. WOW Love the recent video You have so many people with so much experience in CSC Here’s to many successes coming your way


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