MabinaImageThank you Rujeko Dumbutshena and Camp Mabina.  We appreciate your continued support of CSC!!!

 This spring, we shared an introductory Social Imagination program open to all camp participants,  exploring fresh perspectives on social justice concepts.  Also, working with the leadership team from our 2012 pilot, we facilitated an intensive Arts for Action residency that culminated in a community wide event.  Members of  the team shared experiences to co-create an activating scene, igniting dialogue about the complexities of identity and race as they relate to African Arts in the USA.  We also shared a snippet of Race Matters?, our upcoming interactive performance piece.  To round out the evening,  Albuquerque based Adama African Dance and Drum Ensemble shared an excerpt from their recent production Finding Our Way Home.  The residency wrapped up with a final day of debriefing and action planning, preparing to take the work home. Gratitude to the Action Arts Team and to everyone who participates in CSC Programs, your presence and vision give meaning to our mission!  ~ CSC

IMG_4037_2 copy


What The People Said…



“I really appreciate you all bringing these issues into the light in a fun, interactive and accessible way.”



“Loved the human sculpture!”


“Very well organized, I really liked the interaction”


“Powerful tool to communicate ideas, stir up discussions & communicate nuance.


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