We want to give a big shout out to the Colorado Black Arts Festival, Joda Village, and HB African Productions!  Thanks for including CSC in this year’s Festival!!  It was so great to have a tent set up right in Joda Village, we got to connect with some AMAZING artists, and root down more deeply with the wisdom and insight of our local elders like Mama Fatu Lady Drummer… SO MUCH GRATITUDE FOR Y’ALL!!

Hands down, the highlight from the weekend happened in the midst of an epic thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon.  The stage had lost electricity and pretty much shut down due to the storm.  The die-hard crew was huddled under the tent, holding it down with some sweet spontaneous acoustic sounds, and then… for just a moment, the skies cleared, the electricity came back… and the Love Peace Project played a slamming set! With CSC Co-Director and Love Peace lead man, King Salim Ajanku bringing it hard and radiating that conscious vibe far and wide!  Then, as quickly as it came, it was gone again – a thunderclap, another round of lightning, heavy downpours… and everything was shut back down for the night.  A magical moment in time!  Click on the photo below to check out CSC partner artist Tya Anthony images from the day.

Love Peace Project | Denver Black Arts Festival

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