MerveillesEvery year, Artistic Director, Fara Tolno brings amazing artists to Colorado for Camp Merveilles, an annual African Music and Dance Conference, happening August 8-11 in Boulder.  CSC will be there again this year to offer a powerful series of open community workshops facilitated by Tara Vellinga and Rachael Sharp. (With special guests!)

Two types of CSC programs are on tap for Camp Merveilles 2013: Circle Up, engaging primarily through popular education and dialogue; and Arts for Action, engaging more directly through the arts.

THURSDAY 8/8 | 5:15-6:45 | CIRCLE UP: African Cultural Context

Together we will consider the historical, social and cultural aspects of West African Music and Dance, and how they are reflected in the practice of these arts in the USA.  Visionary artist Fara Tolno, MFA will share his knowledge, experience, and insight!

FRIDAY 8/9 | 5:30-7:00 | CIRCLE UP: African American Cultural Context

Special guest artists will share stories about the history of African and African American Dance in Colorado and the US, and engage with participants in considering the way this history is reflected in the current state of the field of African Drum and Dance in this country.

SATURDAY 8/10 | 10:00-11:30 | ARTS FOR ACTION: Dance Class with Friends of Joda in Denver**

CSC will partner with Camp Merveilles to bring the Merveilles, or “wonders”, of this year’s amazing faculty to Denver for an open community class hosted by Friends of Joda!  **Church on the corner of 6th and Adams, Denver

SUNDAY 8/11 | 3:45-5:15 | ARTS FOR ACTION: Engaging the Social Imagination

CSC facilitators will guide participants through an embodied exploration of identity and power.  Integrating social justice principles and relevant data, we will cultivate common ground, and a deeper understanding of how our differences impact the way we experience the world.


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