As the color lines blur, the question of race is more pervasive than ever.  Issues of profiling and mass incarceration, access and equity in education and employment, housing and healthcare, all beg the question… Does Race Matter?

On Sunday, October 13, CSC will facilitate an open community dialogue as a part of our Race Matters? project.  The event will be an opportunity for informed conversation about the realities of race in this country and how we can impact change.  The conversation will be fueled by the work of three featured artist.


Rujeko Dumbutshena As a Zimbabwean artist living in America, Rujeko Dumbutshena bridges diversely different cultures. She has been a part of innovative works, taught workshops, and directed conferences to bring together students and audiences as witnesses and participants in the profundity of African art today.





King Salim Ajanku  King Salim Ajanku was born an artist and has nurtured his craft as a musician from a young age with apprenticeship, volunteerism, and societal awareness.  His artistry is innovative and versatile, carrying forward cultural traditions while expanding into new dimensions.



Tya Anthony  Visual Artist & Fine Art Photographer, Tya Anthony, draws inspiration from a diverse selection of Pop Culture, Cinema & Art History. Inspired by the human condition, she explores identity through reflective portraiture.

Arts Inspired Dialogue: Race Matters? Sunday October 13 | 11am – 1pm | Whittier Community Center 2900 Downing St. Denver, CO 80205 | 720.437.0195


Also, don’t miss the opportunity to dance with Rujeko while she is in Colorado! RujekoTour

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