CSC is getting amped up for tonight’s Get Down for Guinea!



The line up for this evening’s events is hot, with a fresh mix of sounds from: Molina Speaks, Cavem Moetavation, Pink Hawks, Kissidugu, and our man King Salim Ajanku’s Love Peace Project!


Fara Tolno-105Beyond our excitement for such a stellar event, we are fired up about the work of Fara Tolno.  Tonight’s festivities are a part of the current fundraising efforts for a project that is close to our hearts.  Fara Tolno has been a long time friend, teacher, and colleague.  He has been cultivating his vision of building a school in his home country of Guinea for as long as he has been in the US.  He recently earned his MFA from the University of Colorado, and the long held vision is beginning to take shape.

Having lived in the US for 15 years, Fara has experienced the “culture drain” in very real ways.  For many Guinean artists, if they want to make a living with their work, they have to leave the country.  This has been happening at such a rate, that there are few master artists still residing in the country, and the young people don’t have enough teachers and opportunities to learn the history, nuance, and mastery of the arts.

The Kissidugu School will provide work opportunities for Guinean artists in Guinea, education and community resources for Guinean youth and community members, and a deeply rooted cultural exchange for students from abroad.

Please come out tonight, enjoy the music, support the fruition of this vision, and celebrate each step toward change!  If you are not in the area, or aren’t able to be there, you can also make a contribution to the Indiegogo campaign which is live for just a few more days.

Get Down for Guinea | Friday October 4 | 7pm | Oriental Theater 4335 W. 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212 | $7

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