Check out these signature Creative Strategies for Change programs, and save 20% when you book before the end of 2013!  CSC works with schools, organizations, and institutions to mobilize arts and education for social justice.

Community Events, Performances, and Assemblies

RaceMattersImageRace Matters?  As the color lines blur, the question of race is more pervasive than ever.  With theater and multimedia, hip hop and spoken word “Race Matters?” examines social identity, power, and humanity through the lens of a Black man in America.   Issues of profiling and mass incarceration, access and equity in education and employment, housing and health care, all beg the question… “Does race matter?”  This is more than a performance.  It is part of the movement to decriminalize and revise the popular image of Black men.

Africa in the USA: Participants experience the power and nuance of music and dance from West Africa and the Diaspora.  CSC artists bring excellence and deeply rooted cultural knowledge about the history, presence, and influence of West Africa in the USA.

Residencies, Workshops, and Professional Development

IMG_3251Arts for Action

Social Imagination: Integrating theater, Hip Hop, spoken word, and multimedia, with dialogue and data, participants explore social justice concepts and restorative practices. Through creative collaboration we build a foundation for informed dialogue about identity, culture, and diversity in the United States. Programs are responsive to the group, and can be designed to focus on relevant issues.

Africa in the USA **See description above**

CircleUpOnyeMerveillesCircle Up

Social Justice 101: In order to talk about diversity, inclusiveness, cultural exchange, or social change, we need to start with social justice. Participants engage in an exploration of key concepts, terminology, and the principles of social change.

Race in the USA: Building on the foundation of Social Justice 101, these programs delve deeper, specifically investigating the social construction of race, and structural racism in this country.  They further develop the principles of social change, and support action planning for racial equity and justice.

BASE RATES  CSC also offers sliding scale rates and customized programs based on your budget and needs.

Interactive Performances:  $500 – $750
Consulting, Residencies, Workshops :  $100 per hour

  • “The facilitation team was amazing, patient, and encouraging, thank you for bringing this platform to life…”
  •  “Very well organized, I really liked the interaction!”
  • “Powerful tool to communicate ideas, stir up discussions & communicate nuance…”
  • “I really appreciate you all bringing these issues into the light in a fun, interactive and accessible way.”

Peruse the website, or get in touch to learn more!

Looking Forward,
Team CSC

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