FREE ARTS INSPIRED DIALOGUE: RACE MATTERS? | 11/12/13 | 7-9PM | COFFEE AT THE POINT | 710 East 26th Avenue Denver, CO 80205

The conversation continues on 11/12/13… Creative Strategies for Change presents our second Arts Inspired Dialogue, building up to the Spring premiere of Race Matters?  These free community events create space for open, informed dialogue fueled by the artists’ work, and facilitated by CSC.

We are looking forward to hosting this month’s Dialogue at Coffee at the Point (if you get there early, you can partake in the tasting happening before hand) and the soundscape provided by Selecta SunRa.  And, CSC is honored to present the dynamic, creative, innovative featured artists for November’s Dialogue, check them out!!


Uzoamaka Nwankpa (Uzo) is a dance facilitator, entrepreneur, performer, registered nurse and an advocate for healing through dance. Originally from Enugu Nigeria, Uzo is a member of the Igbo tribe (formerly known as Biafra). After the Biafrans lost the Nigerian civil war, there arose an urgency in her family to promote and preserve the cultural practices. Uzo has infused her education with her passion for dance to create a program promoting the positive health effects of dance and movement called The Uzo Method Project. She is nationally known for her dynamic and holistic therapy sessions.

DSCN0311Kokayi Danladi grew up on the East side of Detroit to a family of 5. At age 7 he attended Aisha Shule W.E.B. DuBois Preparatory Academy where he first fell in love with west African percussion.  His musical talent incorporates Hip Hop, and he has developed a series of mixtapes; Stolen Legacy, Out of Mind, Both Sides of the Track, The Green Era, and more.  In 2013 Kokayi moved to Denver, CO where he met Salim Ajanku (Si8mo Greene) and co-created the group known as “Black Lash”.  Kokayi Danladi believes that the music can galvanize the soul of the people. It can cultivate healing in every race, culture, creed, and generation.

KSAKing Salim Ajanku was born an artist and has nurtured his craft as a musician from a young age with apprenticeship, volunteerism, and societal awareness.  His artistry is innovative and versatile, carrying forward cultural traditions while expanding into new dimensions,  rooted in the West African concept of Sankofa, reaching back to move forward.  He specializes in promotion of awareness and intercultural understanding through drum, dance, and theater education.  Salim is the Co-Director at CSC, the Artistic Director of Sankofa Dance Theater, and an musical innovator with the Love Peace Project and Black Lash.

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