UPDATE 12/8/13: We are almost to 50 donors on the campaign page, and we are half way to the goal… THANK YOU!!  Most of the “perks” you can select with your contribution include a cyber shout out, and that’s who is named in this blast.  This goes out to every donor, wether you choose a cyber shout out or not – WE APPRECIATE YOU!   Please continue to spread the word, a contribution of any amount is an investment in racial justice and artistic integrity… tomorrow is the last day to give!


This is a huge shout out to all of our donors!  We are deeply grateful for every dollar contributed to  Race Matters?.   Thank you all for standing with CSC,  and investing in this production, it will have far reaching impact.  THANK YOU!!  We appreciate every donor, and we are honored to name those who have selected a perk with a “cyber shout out”… thank you all for investing in Race Matters?!


Tessa M Wood

Dayna Scott

Jennifer Robinson

Willa Conway

Stacey Dinner

Briana Tavernier

Annicia Durka

Portia McCreery

Alexandra Johnson

Lee Bergen

Kirsten Brown

Valeda Mackey

Kibibi Ajanku

Liz Schwerer

Lauri Benblatt

We look forward to updating this list regularly…  Add your name by joining the movement before Dec. 9!


The Race Matters? production and curriculum will mobilize schools, universities, corporations, and community organizations.  The impacts are manifold; here are some examples:

Increase Awareness:  The performance engages people of all identities, and makes awareness of the issues widely accessible.  The educational outcomes are amplified by the incorporation of data, dialogue, and interactive elements; and multiplied with the supplemental curriculum and training.

Counter Models:  With artistic excellence, the performance tells a nuanced story of black men who defy stereotypes, and embolden true models rooted in dignity and humanity; counter models to the stereotypes perpetuated by the dominant culture and popular media.

Action Tools:  The performance is designed to inspire and facilitate action.  Tools and resources are built into the production and extended in the supplemental curriculum and training.  Real, lasting change requires us to take intentional, informed action.

Community:  This project is driven by the CSC vision of thriving, vibrant communities that are rich in arts, culturally responsive, socially just, and sustained by restorative systems.  The project has been initiated with a series of free community dialogues, itt is being funded through the collective power of community support, and all friends, donors, and participants are a part of the CSC community network.

Sustainability:  This performance is not a singular experience; it is imbued with the principles of sustainable lasting social change.  The production also provides a viable source of income for CSC, which increases the sustainability of the organization, our commitment to professional wages for our artists, educators, and administrators, and our capacity to facilitate programs with any interested community, regardless of economic status.

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