“Race Matters?” An Interactive Story for Change.
Hip Hop. Theater. Dialogue.
As the color lines blur, the question of race is more pervasive than ever. This unique production examines identity, power, and humanity through the story of Malik. The performance is followed by civic dialogue. Creative Strategies for Change also facilitates residencies and workshops to accompany the production, increasing individual and collective capacities to promote social justice.

“The story of Malik was an EXCELLENT, well written, profound, efficient, MOVING, piece of socially conscious performance that did NOT sacrifice artistry for political agenda. The complex interconnectivity of personal AND professional relationship/s with systemic structures particularly as experienced by people/cultures of color in the US was made manifest. And then immediately opened up as an opportunity for civic dialogue. This show must go on tour. I want my students to see it… Important work.” Onye Ozuzu, Columbia College, Dance Department Chair

A CSC Production
Inspired by: Creative Strategies for Change
Conceived and Devised by: King Salim Ajanku & Rachael K. Sharp
Written by: King Salim Ajanku
Directed by: Stevanie Williams
Civic Dialogue Design: Rachael K. Sharp
Original Score: Black Lash, Beats by: Big Gold Things
Original Cast & Crew: King Salim Ajanku, Kokayi Danladi, Stevanie Williams, Rachael K.Sharp; Dance: Mecca Madyun, Samantha Salters; Music: Chris Kolodey, DJ Uplifter; Lights & Sound: Anson Nicholson
Trailer: Eazy Media
Video: Tya Anthony


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