Ever since the start of CSC, we have spent a long time developing a youth leadership program. A program designed to bring a diverse troupe of artistic young leaders working actively to tackle problems happening in the community. The Community Cypher Project is a culmination of this vision, and we have humbly received 2 new grants from the Innovate For Good with Rose Community Foundation and  Imagine 2020.


We were inspired by Imagine 2020’s Denver Cultural Plan and the events they put together. That is what pushed us to apply to their grant because we felt like our goals and vision fell in line with the atmosphere they were trying to create. We are one of their 2016 grantees for our Community Cypher Project as part of their Denver Cultural Plan.


Innovate for Good with Rose Community Foundation is a philanthropic challenge to find and fund new ideas. In 2016, Innovate for Good focused on ideas to empower youth to be agents of change in the community.


It was an honor to get these grants because it was a chance to expound upon the 1-month pilot model that was partnered with RedLine Denver and funded by Denver’s Office of Community Affairs for their “2016 Race and Justice Design Challenge Mini-Grants”. The Challenge was to create a way to unite youth and law enforcement, a thing greatly needed due to the rapid increase of Police Brutality and militarization of police forces across the nation.

All these partners helped us move forward in our Community Cypher program and got us on our feet to our launch of the program. On November 9th we opened up our application to the masses and look forward to all the student leaders that apply.


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