Check out these sweet snapshot’s of Moe Gram’s mural as it happened!

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You, me, this place, we matter. This mural was commissioned to be specifically about the changing Five Points neighborhood in Denver, Co. For me, this piece sends a much more broad message to take time to gain information about the places we go. How without realizing it, we transition from one previously redlined neighborhood to the next. It is about how people travel, people stay, people offer their flavor while accepting new flavors, some resist change, some are abscent minded and contribute nothing. Regardless of when we land, these places we go have a historical context that we should all seek out. Because sometimes without knowing it, there could be a historical flavor that exists there. When in doubt remember place matters. Happy Independence Day everyone. Be safe. Be easy! . . . . . This mural was commissioned by Sam Sharp on behalf of @cscdenver. . . . . . #mural #moegram #muralpainting #denverartshare #denverlove #denverartists #denvermurals #muralist #painting #publicpainting #creativestrategiesforchange #placematters

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