Community Connection

“Community Cypher”is energy packed celebration of intentional art and connection! This is a call for people of any age to join in a space of solidarity and exchange. Part open mic, part party, part workshop all focused on enjoying safe creative space together. Come dance, vent, sing, share poems, and get involved in the community conversation. Or just come vibe and witness the greatness being shared! This event is all ages. A donation of $10-20 is suggested but none will be turned away, all are welcome! This month’s Community Cypher features special people from ACT Youth Institute. They’re geared up to share their works with us, drop by and share yours too! Donations made during this event will go to helping us fund more Youth Programs like the ACT Institute. As always, ALL STYLES, ALL AGES, ALL ABILITIES, ALL LOVE! Check out this link to save your virtual seat.

What is the Community Cypher like?

“We want to share love, and we want to share joy. And we also have to process all the other parts because otherwise, whatever we’re doing, it ain’t real. It’s not authentic unless we’re processing all the things.”

“Awesome vibes, great community, beautiful leadership.”

“Beautiful, loving space.”

“Really enjoyed it.”



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