The Creative Strategies for Change Facilitator Workshop is taking place November 04-06, 2022!

In this 3-day workshop, Creative Strategies For Change facilitators will guide a layered exploration of culture, identity, power, oppression, and liberation and how it plays into our personal and professional lives. The workshop is a fun and interactive introduction to the CSC 3 Model, integrating social justice frameworks, arts engagement, and restorative practices. It’s a powerful opportunity to be in community, as well as practice advocating for equity and facilitating challenging conversations in a variety of contexts, including family, classrooms, workplace, social work, public health, and communities.

Registration is OPEN!

What participants are saying:

“With this model, I am better able to serve my community and create opportunities and shape policies and procedures in my workplace and organization.”

“All of the creative practices were meaningful and powerful from the beautiful rituals that were employed to the fun and energizing exercises and games we experienced. The sharing in circles were very meaningful and within this particular group I experienced a wonderful healing energy and beautiful expression of blended peoples voices and hearts.” 

“Something that has had a significant impact on me is being in a space with BIPOC folks in leadership positions and also being in a space where I am not the only or one of few BIPOC people. This has not happened many times in my life. Hearing what the BIPOC folks in this space have experienced makes me feel like what I have experienced as a WOC is real, valid, and relevant.”

Questions? Please contact us at

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