Adolfo Romero

Adolfo Romero is a Chilean artist, musician, poet and projects developer. His artwork includes a series of techniques that are always exploring the connections between the human psyche, its origins in the social world and throughout history. About his artwork: “The intention is to awaken the realization that we, as human beings, are both unique and at the same time inherently alike.” In my creative process, the necessity arises to document the human experience as it relates to both individual and collective experience. I believe the act of self-discovery is rooted in arch-types of our collective unconscious, so there’s always an interplay between individual and collective existence.

Bigger than the artwork itself, the goal is for the artistic object to become a medium that goes beyond the technical process, creating new realities. The artwork interacts with everything in its surroundings, placing itself in time between past and future, acting as a reflection of our collective history, while also signaling the possibility of social and historical developments that are still in progress.