Lauri Benblatt, MPH, MA, LPC has dedicated the past 12 years of her career to global health and disaster/ emergency readiness initiatives, with specialties in disaster behavioral health, displacement, and a growing focus on the socio-behavioral impacts of climate and environmental changes.  With prior emphasis as a clinical licensed psychotherapist, her career spans close to 20 years. As such, Lauri’s expertise lies in working with vulnerable and marginalized communities; trauma; refugee/immigrant needs; adolescent, youth and women’s protection and health initiatives; and in bringing a social justice, racial equity and gender-based lens her work. Her work has been in both the public and private sector, including various size NGOs and USAID, SAMHSA and PHI funded projects, where she has gained expertise and proficiencies in research and evaluation, program development and implementation, training and capacity building, and community assessment and engagement. She has worked throughout the U.S, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Haiti & Brazil, and is passionate about social justice and racial equity frameworks, particularly as found through dialogue, music, dance and the creative arts in both her personal and professional endeavors.