In Memoriam Kokayi Danladi

CSC created the Kokayi Danladi Award and the Kokayi Danladi Family Fund, in memory of our brother and colleague who transitioned to the ancestral realm on January 3. Kokayi was an exceptionally talented musician, gifted educator, and dedicated family and community man whose leadership was very influential in the work of CSC. Kokayi Danladi’s legacy will live on enduringly through his family, his music, and CSC.

Kokayi grew up on the East side of Detroit to a family of 5. At age 7 he attended Aisha Shule W.E.B. DuBois Preparatory Academy where he first fell in love with west African percussion. His musical talent incorporates Hip Hop, he has developed a series of mixtapes; Stolen Legacy, Out of Mind, Both Sides of the Track, and recently released The Green Era. In 2013 Kokayi moved to Denver, CO where he met Salim Ajanku (Si8mo Greene) and co-created the group known as “Black Lash”. Kokayi Danladi is a dedicated artist and educator who believes that music can galvanize the soul of the people. It can cultivate healing in every race, culture, creed, and generation.