Assetou Xango School Program Coordinator | Facilitating Artist

Assetou Xango is a profound speaker, artist facilitator, international documentary filmmaker, spoken word artist and activist specializing in topics of women’s empowerment and race issues.  Assetou has premiered films both local and abroad in Xela, Guatemala. In her short career as a speaker she has received accolades from international poetry competitions and was recently featured at TEDxMileHighWomen’s 2016 Conference. As a community activist, she has founded several community forums to address issues from race to gender both locally and nationally in San Francisco. Assetou has a BFA in Film Production and is pursuing a Masters in Non-Profit Management with the vision of creating an organization that funnels large money into grassroots, women of color organizations in developing nations. Assetou is proud to be working with a organization with the values and integrity of Creative Strategies for Change (CSC), both as a Program Coordinator and Consultant. She is grateful to be fulfilling the commitment to improving social justice and equability in her community.