Bianca Mikahn | Program Manager | Facilitator | Artist | Consultant | 

Bianca has been working with CSC as an artist and facilitator since 2017. She recently joined the administrative team as the contract Program Manager, already bringing tremendous insight and leadership managing the School Programs and Community Cypher Series. CSC is rebuilding our revenue and specifically cultivating funds for a Program Director salary. In this role, Bianca will be a member of the Executive Committee, with agency in budgetary and program decisions, and executive administrative and creative leadership for community and school programs. The Executive Committee also participate in collective decision making on organizational strategic plan, budget, and operations. Originally from Denver, Bianca is a fierce poet, musician, producer, mentor, and activist, who works with Youth on Record, and Think 360 Arts, among other organizations. Bianca also is the Executive Director of Check Your Head, a trauma informed youth program utilizing arts to explore mental wellness, and one of CSC’s community partners. Their curriculum centers on reducing youth violence, increasing positive coping mechanisms and self-advocacy in middle school and high school.