Tamara Williams Van Horn (They/them and She/her) joined CSC in 2020. In their role at the University of Colorado as well as with the consulting of her intercultural training company Black Womxn Reading Aloud (BWRA), Tamara’s “stand your story up” poetic engagement work leverages the power of sharing narratives we create in “together-space”. Using an intersectional feminist kitchen value set and work ethic, Tamara facilitates through writing and games, historical case study and critical information literacy, to engage participants to seek, co-create, and share nuanced stories as foundational to constituent-led change. When not supporting students, staff, and faculty towards activating their civic vision and social justice contribution, Tamara makes a home with partner-spouse, Jason, and Jinx, a 17-year-old “kitten overlord,” and can be found walking the greenbelt paths of Boulder, dancing with more vigor than skill, and cutting up the acres of magazines they collected for inspirational projects.