Creative Strategies for Change is now at the Whittier Community Centerwnaxcsc

Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm!

In a world where social divides run deep there must exist organizations that not only build bridges, but also engage communities on all sides in bridging the divides. This is Creative Strategies for Change, a local grassroots nonprofit based in our community since 2013. CSC is now housed at the Whittier Community Center(WCC) in a partnership with the Whittier Neighborhood Association!  Join their mission to mobilize arts and education for social justice.  CSC offers community programs; youth enrichment, residencies, and after school programs; consulting, leadership, and professional development; and interactive workshops, performances, and assemblies. CSC is excited to be located in the WCC as it continues working towards a vision of thriving vibrant communities that are rich in arts, culturally responsive, socially just, and sustained by restorative systems. Want to learn more about CSC?!   Join CSC’s Community Open House on Thursday, March 23 from 5-7 at the WCC.  For more information, email

Community Cypher Corner

Community Cypher Project w/ RedLine Denver

Take a look into the pilot sessions of the Community Cypher Project! In conjunction with Heart & Hand Center and RedLine Denver, we were able to kick off a successful community program, that is now funded by Innovate for Good with Rose Community Foundation and Imagine 2020.


Save The Date | Chinook Fund

Creative Strategies for Change appreciates its ongoing support from The Chinook Fund, we have received grants from this organization the past two years and look forward to celebrating 30 Years of constant community support.