Workshops, Training, & Professional Development

The CSC format includes a combination of large and small group activities and dialogue. Our approach aligns with nationally recognized, evidence based standards. Participants engage with the arts, collaborative communication, and key terms, concepts, and tools in the specific areas of focus. Workshops and trainings can be designed to meet the specific needs of a community or organization through consultation, collaborative inquiry, assessment, and planning.

Technical Assistance, Assessment, Planning, & Coaching

Lasting change requires long-term strategies. Equity assessments examine institutional power, policies, programs, practices, and budgetary decisions. The goal is to reduce, eliminate, and prevent discrimination and inequity. The assessment assists in identifying: stakeholders, existing inequities, priorities, viable and sustainable strategies for equity and diversity, benchmarks, and indicators of success. Planning, technical assistance, and coaching support accountability and sustainability for lasting change. These services can also focus on arts engagement and integration, building restorative systems, or any of CSC’s areas of expertise.