Praise for the Work:

“Thank you for presenting such a thought-provoking dialogue on racism in the United States. It was powerful, thorough and educational. The performances were amazing and I loved the group participation and interaction!”  Community Action Event Participant

“I feel inspired from this session.  I believe inspiration is one of the key elements for keeping this work moving forward in a healing direction.  There is so much to be healed and we are empowering each other to envision that happening large scale.”  Mervielles Dialogue Project Participant

“Very informative, insightful, and uplifting. Loved the energy and incorporation of the arts. The facilitators did a great job!” Professional Development Event Participant

“I can’t tell you how many times I have referenced this experience…fabulous workshop”. “Very well put together and understood. It’s an absolute relief to know that we are embracing these things head on and effectively. I feel honored to be a part and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” CSC 3 Facilitator Training Participant

Praise for the People:

“The facilitation team (Tara, Rachael, and Fara) was amazing, patient, and encouraging, thank you for bringing this platform to life within the African Drum and Dance Community.”  Merveilles Dialogue Participant

“Salim possesses a prodigious creativity and talent in the execution and performance of both traditional and contemporary musical forms… He has a powerful eye for recognizing music’s metaphorical implications and multiple functions in many social and educational contexts. He teaches and leads groups of students, young and old, into an engaged practice and application of creativity with a mastery that is beyond his years.”  Onye Ozuzu, Chair, Dept. of Dance, Columbia College

“Rachael exemplified what true community-based teaching and learning should look like…Her work through the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs has had a tremendous impact on the entire community of New York University.  She is a dedicated teacher, a talented artist, and a socially conscious educator who cares deeply about diversity and intercultural collaborations. She is a passionate intellectual who lives up to a very strong work ethic in both her facilitating and research.”  Christina Marín, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor of Performing Arts, Emerson College