alexis mcclain

Alexis is located in Denver, CO.  Along with Co-chairing the board at Creative Strategies for Change she is also affiliated with Five Points Rotary Club, the University of Denver, the University of Boulder, the Junior League and the YMCA.
Alexis McClain | Co-Chair

HildaHilda is a Coach at Life Transformations.  She is also a Bilingual translator, interpreter, and facilitator at Community Language Cooperative.  Hilda is a graduate of Regis University and a Toastmaster.
Hilda Gehrke | Co-Chair

carly clouds Carly is the newest board member at Creative Strategies for Change.  She is also a Coach and Facilitator at Think Rainbow.
Carly Wolken | Secretary

lauriLauri is a Global Health Practitioner, Psychotherapist, and Art Therapist.  She was previously a Lead Research Specialist at New York Disaster Interfaith Services, previously a Program Manager for Disaster Distress Helpline, and previously a Program Coordinator for Hurricane Sandy Outreach and Resource Development all in New York, NY.
Lauri Benblatt | Board Member