Alexis McClain | Co-Chair


Alexis was born and raised in Denver, CO and currently resides in Boulder, CO.  Along with chairing the Board of Directors for Creative Strategies for Change she is also affiliated with Five Points Rotary Club, Rocky Mountain RYLA, The Denver Junior League, Satya Yoga Cooperative and works at the University of Colorado  Boulder in Residence Life, where is also a proud CU alum.  She is a passionate advocate for Social Justice and Diversity in all spaces, focusing on the Wellness industry, Higher education, and athletics as these are her spaces of greatest joy.



Gabriella was born in Denver! She attended the University of Denver where she earned her bachelors degree in International Studies and Socio-legal Studies. She is passionate about social justice and equitable access to education, as well as racial justice and the counter narratives of Black and Brown people. She believes that education is paramount in changing the lives of marginalized communities and that youth are both the current and future leaders of that change. She is excited about partnering with YAASPA to help be an asset to scholars on their activism journey!

stephanie tran | BOARD MEMBER

Stephanie Tran was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. As a first generation student of immigrant parents, she received her Bachelor’s of Science degree from The University of Denver. She majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry and Sociology. Her career path was focused on medical school, but after participating in The University of Denver’s Public Achievement Program, she found a hidden passion for education and working with youth in the non-profit sector. She is also the co-founder of The University of Denver’s Health Professions Highway Program. She chose to become a board member for Creative Strategies for Change because she aligns with CSC’s mission to mobilize the arts and education towards social justice. Stephanie wants to use her passion, talent, and experience to influence the youth of tomorrow because they are our biggest hope for a better future. If knowledge is power then it is our civic duty to ensure everyone has equitable access to it.

Thank you for your interest in our board structure. Recent staff and board developments, combined with the impact of concurrent pandemics, have left our board with its historical commitment to equity-based representation unmet. Our community is taking this opportunity to reflect on valuable lessons and realign to our vision, mission and values. CSC staff and board have employed a variety of development methods to support growth including third-party facilitation, professional development led by abolitionist experts and much self reflection. 

If you would like more information about our board structure and/or future opportunities please contact us at