CSC October Facilitator Workshop

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The Time To Act Is Now!

The Creative Strategies for Change Facilitator Workshop is taking place October 9th-17th, 2020!

Enrich your fall plans by dedicating this weekend to building wellness-centered skills for social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Registration is open, just visit this link:  

At this event, you’ll learn from facilitators who are experts in the fields of equity and social justice, experience facilitation techniques to utilize in your own work/family/community, use incredible tools to understand and navigate your own life experience, as well as build skills to successfully communicate with others around challenging topics.

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This immersive, interactive, and impactful weekend experience will grow your knowledge of self, identity, power, oppression, liberation, and the many factors that make up the context in which we live… and why that all matters.

We’ll examine power, privilege, and oppression in profound ways, and also learn how to achieve the antidote: liberation!

Attendees of the workshop often leave with new friends, networking connections, and an expanded view of their own work in the world.  The folks in the room tend to be from all different backgrounds, professional fields, and each person’s life path adds to the collective experience of the workshop.  For this reason, we recommend past attendees to come again– the group is different every time, and thus, so is the experience.

You’ll walk away with new creative facilitation techniques, a fresh understanding of yourself and your place in the world, knowledge of social justice and restorative practices, new language to use around tough topics, and the confidence to make your own unique mark on the world!

Here’s what some of our past attendees have said:

“I’ve been in a lot of virtual webinars, classes and meetings and I have to say this was the most engaging, thoughtful and creative experience on Zoom yet!”

“Wonderful. Deep. Creative. Thank you.”

“The workshop was phenomenal and truly a gift. The information present far exceeded my expectations in depth and clarity.”

“The artistic expression and interactive games truly highlighted concepts that I otherwise would have had a hard time explaining to constituents in classrooms.”

“Thank you so much for your creativity. Your content was wonderful, but *how* you taught the content really made an impression.”

“This was an amazing workshop! The facilitators were amazing and the experience proved to be inclusive not just across our identities, but our experiences as well.”

“All of the creative practices were meaningful and powerful from the beautiful rituals that were employed to the fun and energizing exercises and games we experienced. The sharing in circles were very meaningful and within this particular group I experienced a wonderful healing energy and beautiful expression of blended peoples voices and hearts.” 

The next step is YOU – register for this incredible event to see what knowledge, growth, and inspiration your experience will bring!  Click here to register and claim your spot: 

If you have any questions about the event or registration, feel free to email us at We hope to see you on October 9th!